20-22th March 2020


Iași, Romania


4 international speakers



Themed „Look at the Whole Picture”, the 6th edition of the Romanian Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Congress will be organised in collaboration with ARDIV and Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Iasi and will take place at the Culture Palace in Iași, Romania, Henri Coanda Room. This year the congress will be structured in 3 conference days and 1 workshop day(4 workshops), with presentations held by 4 international speakers and 8 national speakers that will underline the importance of the imagistic examinations in emergencies. We are expecting over 200 participants from all over Europe, veterinarians as well as students and newly graduates from the Republic of Moldova having the chance to be part of an exceptional event. A place loaded with history, where many great figures for the Romanian country were born, Iași is a touristic destination which can be visited in any season. The capital city of Moldavia, with a status of „Museum City”, Iași is a prestigious university center, constituting a particular attraction for anyone interested in culture, tourists, students, researchers and businessmen.

The Golden Plateau is a major touristic destination, having the Palace of Culture on one side and the Unification Square on the other side. However, you need to save time to visit the St. Paraschiva Mitropolitan Cathedral and the Three Hierarchs Church, two of the most impressive attractions of bizantine influence built between 1635 and 1639.

As always, we are preparing a lot of fun as well, to relax our minds that receive so much valuable information in this period. We cannot wait to see you again in the new location!


Our mission:
  • Gather all those who are passionate about or working in veterinary emergency and critical care: practitioners, students, nurses and practice managers.
  • Promote the study, development and practice of veterinary emergency and critical patient care in Romania and Eastern Europe.
Organizational structure:
  • Laura Ilie - President
  • Adrian Iurcenco - President 2014-2018, founding member
  • Cosmin Mureșan – Vicepresident, founding member
  • Ioana Cafriță – Secretary, founding member
  • Sînziana Rădulescu, Cristian Cristea, Andrei Tutuneanu, Radu Boncea - founding members.
RoVECCS, at a short glance:
  • 2015 – 1st congress at the National Contemporary Art Museum(House of Parliament),Bucharest.
        200 attendees & 4 international speakers, workshop, social events and party. Our top speakers were Dan Chan, DACVECC, Aidan McAlinden, DECVS, Louise Clark, DECVAA, and Sérgio Guilherme, Diagnostic Imaging.
  • 2016 & 2017 – 2nd & 3rd editions at Hotel Caro, Bucharest – about 250 attendees
        6 international speakers,4 workshops, great parties and wonderful social events.
         Among our speakers: Howard B. Seim III ,DACVS, Dominic Barfield, DACVECC, Ambra Panti, DECVAA,Tobias Grave, DECVECC, Kris Gommeren, DECVIM-CA, Ceriel Maas, DECVS.
  • 2018 - 4th edition at Regina Elisabeta’s Theatre, Bucharest – about 200 attendees
        9 speakers, 3 days of talk, 5 workshops, social events as well as parties
        Speakers: Francesco Staffieri DVM, PhD (anesthesia), Aaron Jackson, DACVS, Jocelyn Patterson, DACVECC, Jaqueline Nobles,
        DACVECC Laura Ilie, DACVECC, Adrian Iurcenco,DVM Cosmin Muresan,DVM, PhD, Cristian Cristea,DVM, Sinziana Radulescu DVM, MRCVS.
  • 2019 - The fifth edition in Cluj-Napoca, Cluj Arena - 200 participants, 4 international and 9 national speakers, 4 workshops and 3 days of conferences, party, social events and hiking trip in the Carpathian mountains.
    Speakers: Howard B. Seim III - DACVS, Timothy Hackett - DACVECC, Laura Ilie - DACVECC, Celine Pouzot-Nevoret - DVM, PhD, Adrian Iurcenco, Cosmin Muresan, Cristian Cristea, Sînziana Rădulescu, Ioana Cristina Cafriță, Andrei Tutuneanu, Victor Chitic, Constantin Bodolea, Dan Sebastian Dîrzu.

Scientific programme

30 CPD points / congress day

- Pre-congress Registration

- Welcome Coffee 15 min


- Dan Ivan - Emergency radiography-Thorax - Powered by Purina -

- Dan Ivan - Emergency radiography-Abdomen - Powered by Purina -

- Coffee 30 min

- Dan Ivan - Emergency Ultrasound-Protocols, tips and tricks - Powered by Purina -

- Andrei R.Baisan - The use of diagnostic imaging methods in cardiac emergencies - Powered by Purina -

- Lunch break (1h)

- Short communication MSD - Silver Sponsor

- Vasile Vulpe - Urinary tract emergencies and their diagnostic imaging - Powered by Purina -

- Mihai Musteață - Neuromuscular emergencies - Powered by Purina -

- Coffee & Snacks(30 min)

- Short communication BAYER - Silver Sponsor

- Măcinic Mihai - Common emergencies in exotic pets -

- Sinziana Radulescu - How to deal with mistakes -

- Registration

- Welcome Coffee 15 min

- Tom Greensmith - The septic patient -

- Tom Greensmith - Rational antibiotic usage for the critical patient -

- Coffee 30 min

- Tom Greensmith - Intravenous fluid therapy -

- Tom Greensmith - CPR: What's new & practical tips -

- Lunch break (1h)

- Short communication ALTIUS - Platinum Sponsor

- Emily Thomas - Heat stroke and hypothermia -

- Emily Thomas - Transfusion therapy -

- Coffee & Snacks(30 min)

- Emily Thomas - From A to Z: common drug intoxications -

- Emily Thomas - Illicit drug toxicities -


- Sleep more!

- Wake-up coffee 30 min

- Emily Thomas - Management of acute pancreatitis -

- Steven De Decker - A guide to spinal neurolocalisation into 'How to approach acute hindlimb paralysis in practice' -

- Coffee 30 min

- Steven De Decker - Traumatic brain injury -

- Steven De Decker - What should I do when my patient doesn't stop seizuring -

- Lunch break (1h)

- Short communication ROYAL CANIN - Gold Sponsor

- Steven De Decker - Clinical reasoning in acute vestibular disease -

- Raffle


30 CPD points / workshop

1. POCUS(Point of care ultrasound)

    This workshop is designed to prepare us for the real-life experience when we need to identify major pathological changes which may be life threatening for our patients.
  • Pleural, abdominal pericardial effusions,
  • Pulmonary oedema,
  • pneumothorax,
  • cardiac abnormalities
are just few of the abnormalities we encounter on our daily lives as ER doctors and will be covered in this workshop. 

The lab will be a practical one and we will use real animals as well as cadavers in order to be able to simulate some of the pathologies that are encountered in our sick patients. There will also be a short theoretical part at the beginning.

2. Tubes and things:
Wetlab for Veterinary Surgeons or nurses

Practical Techniques in Emergency Medicine:

  • Chest drain placement
  • Perineal drain placement
  • Naso-gastric/naso-oesophageal tube placement
  • Naso-pharyngeal cannula placement
  • Oesophageal feeding tube placement
  • Urinary catheter placement
  • +/- Central line placement
See more

This course is designed to teach participants (veterinary surgeons or nurses) the technical aspects of a variety of emergency procedures. Some ‘theory’ will be included in the lectures, but emphasis will be placed on ‘how’ to perform each procedure. Techniques have been chosen that represent many of the common emergency procedures that are likely to be performed in a busy emergency practice. The hands-on practical laboratory will give participants the opportunity to practice techniques discussed in the pre-lab lecture. If you have been thinking of incorporating more emergency procedures coverage in your practice, this course is a must.

What the course will help the attendees to do:
  • update their knowledge of common emergency procedures
  • increase confidence levels in performing emergency procedures
  • realize that many emergency procedures can successfully be performed in veterinary practice
Learning objectives:
By the end of this course delegates should have a thorough understanding of:
  • common techniques used in emergency procedures
  • the tutors philosophical and technical views on the emergency procedures discussed
  • how to quickly and safely perform emergency procedures

3. Burnout and compassion fatigue in Veterinary Medicine - concept and prevention

Although we sometimes don't realise, at some point anyone of us can be the victim of burnout or/and compassion fatigue. We have a demanding mission to treat beloved animals, communicate with their owners and convince them of what we are about to do next. Come and we will discover together which are the problems that cause sleepless nights, frustrations, problems that made you think not just once: "I've had enough, I quit!" Part of the answers we will discover during this session. Moderators of the debate will be DVM Cristian Cristea and University Lector Dr. Victor Chitic Psychologist, both with experience over 10 years in Veterinary Medicine and Psychology.

4. EKG - Cardiac Emergencies

1. Ingerpretation of EKGs
2. Diagnostic and treatment of the most common cardiac emergencies
3. Case discussion

In this workshop we will discuss about the most common cardiac emergencies (e.g ventricular tachycardia,atrial fibrillation, atrial standstill, supraventricular tahicardia, sinus insuficientcy and others) and will aprocah the diagnostic technique and the recommended treatment.

We will talk in detail about EKG interpretation, what drugs should be used for each condition and what are their benefits/contraindications.

* The workshop is free for students if they register using the registration form on the site.


Emily Thomas
Dick White Referrals, UK

Emily graduated from Cambridge in 2005. She completed her residency in Emergency and Critical Care Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania in the USA in 2012, since when she has worked in both private and academic referral practice. She currently works as an Emergency and Critical Care Specialist at Dick White Referrals in the UK.

Emily Thomas

Dick White Referrals, UK

Tom Greensmith
Lecturer in Small Animal Emergency and Critical Care
Queen Mother Hospital for Animals,
Royal Veterinary College

Tom graduated from the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) in 2010 and began working in a busy emergency and critical care centre where he stayed for the next four years. After completing an internship at Bristol University, he then completed his residency in emergency and critical care at the RVC in 2018, gaining both a Master’s degree and his American Diplomate status the same year. Tom remained at the RVC and after a fellowship in cardiothoracic perfusion he became a lecturer in emergency and critical care. He is actively involved in all forms of extracorporeal therapy (including cardiopulmonary bypass, dialysis and plasma exchange), with his main clinical interests being sepsis, multiple organ failure, advanced mechanical ventilation and acid base analysis.

Tom Greensmith


Steven De Decker
DVM, PhD, DipECVN, MVetMed, PGCert Vet Ed, FHEA, MRCVS

Steven graduated in 2005 from Ghent University in Belgium. After graduation, he performed there a Rotating Internship followed by a PhD about disk-associated cervical spondylomyelopathy (‘wobbler syndrome’). He completed his Residency in Neurology and Neurosurgery at the Royal Veterinary College and is now Associate professor and Head of the Neurology and Neurosurgery service. Although he is interested in all aspects of veterinary neurology, most of his research and publications focus on spinal disorders and neurosurgery. Steven has more than 90 publications in international scientific journals and presented most of his work at international conferences. He enjoys teaching and is therefore regularly involved in continuing education (CE) events around the world.

Steven De Decker

DVM, PhD, DipECVN, MVetMed, PGCert Vet Ed, FHEA, MRCVS

Diplomate of American College of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care
Veterinary Specialty Center, Buffalo Grove, IL

Our very first Romanian ECC diplomate and our new RoVECCS President, Laura started with shelter medicine in Romania (serving where the need was the most needed) just after graduation while continuing her academic career, following a Masters program at the Bucharest Veterinary Faculty.

Later she made a difficult but so daring personal decision - to relocate to USA and to start from scratch. She worked as a veterinary technician under board certified criticalists for a few years before taking her ECFVG Certification, then for another year as an intern and an emergency veterinarian. She then pursued a three year residency in E/CC at Purdue University.

She has learned from her patients and her diverse cultural experiences that the limits are only imaginary boundaries and that she can break those strong walls that our mind sometimes sets for us. She did that before so many times, so why not go further and conquer the crest of the specialty she loved since she was back in Bucharest saving distressed animals, E/CC medicine.

Laura Ilie


Andrei Baisan
DVM, PhD, Assist. Lect. Diagnostic Imaging Department

Andrei's focus is mainly in veterinary cardiology. He graduated in 2012 at the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine “Ion Ionescu dela Brad” Iasi and finished a PhD in the field of cardiology in 2016. He performed several internships during the activity in Italy – FMV Napoli and Institutto di Novara, Israel and Poland under the direct supervision of Veterinary Cardiology Specialists.

He also published several papers in the field of veterinary cardiology, in both national and international journals and participated with accepted researches in International Congresses such as ECVIM and FECAVA. His main clinical activity consists of cardiologic and diagnostic imaging and he is currently occupying a didactic place in the Veterinary Faculty of Iasi, Romania.

He is also very interested in the research field of clinical veterinary cardiology for providing useful information in the veterinary field.

Andrei Baisan

DVM, PhD, Assist. Lect. Diagnostic Imaging Department

Sînziana Rădulescu
Resident in Emergency and Critical Care, Queen Mother Hospital for Animals,
Royal Veterinary College

Sinziana graduated from the University of Bucharest in 2011 and co-founded the first animal blood bank in Romania the same year. After working in small animal emergency practices in Romania and UK she completed a rotating internship at the RVC and an ECC internship at the University of Edinburgh. Sinziana is now training to be a specialist in emergency and critical care at the Royal Veterinary College. She is interested in all aspects of emergency medicine and intensive care, although is keen to focus on coagulation disorders, acid-base disorders and analgesia of critical patients. 

Sînziana Rădulescu


Adrian Iurcenco
Clinical director, criticalist, surgeon and owner at SpeedVet, Bucharest

After graduating from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Bucharest he spent one year working for different private clinics.In 2007 he finished a rotational internship at the Veterinary Faculty in Utrecht and later that year he started the SpeedVet veterinary emergency service in Bucharest.

SpeedVet is now one of the best provider of veterinary E/CC services in the country. Since then he followed several ESAVS (European School for Advanced Veterinary Studies) courses and in 2014 co-founded RoVECCS (Romanian Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society) together with several friends interested in E/CC. Adrian was the first Presedint RoVECCS (2014-2018) and helped the Society to become well known in Romania and Europe.

Adrian Iurcenco


Măcinic Mihai

Mihai graduated from the University of Bucharest in 2018. He has been working in different veterinary clinics since 2012 and he is currently based in a veterinary clinic working almost exclusively with exotic animals. Mihai has completed two externships at the university teaching hospitals in Paris and Utrecht. He has lectured on exotic animal medicine at international conferences such as ICARE London (International Conference on Avian, Reptile and Exotic mammal medicine), AMVAC and SRDV.

In his personal life, he loved to travel, cook and spend time with his friends and family.

Măcinic Mihai


Cristian Cristea
Dr med vet, Clinical director and owner at PetStuff

Graduate of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Bucharest in 2009, Master of science in Clinic and Pharmacy at the same faculty in 2012, Co-founder and owner of Pet Stuff Veterinary Clinic with Dr. Ruxandra Tenia 2006, Co-founder of the Association of Clinical Veterinarians in Bucharest AMVCB in 2013, Co-founder of the Romanian Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society, RoVECCS in 2014, Member of CCU - Clubul Cainilor Utilitari

- dogs are trained for search and rescue mission and also for assisted therapy 2015, Co-founder of Gentle handling and training program - a program dedicated to veterinary practitioners 2016, Speaker and partner in Animals ABC program with ARPAC (Romanian Pet Food Manufacturers Association) - the program is dedicated to kids between 6 and 14 years old, and has the role to educate children regarding pets needs, 2015. Partner in Jilava dogs and inmates rehabilitation program - developed in partnership with CCU and Jilava Penitentiary 2017.

In his personal life, he enjoys traveling, riding horses, playing basketball, skiing and spending time with his family and friends.

Cristian Cristea


Victor Chitic
Lect. Univ. Dr.

Victor Chitic is a psychologist, researcher and speaker specialized in the study of human- animal interaction. He has 13 years of experience in the field of animal assisted therapy and activities for children with disabilities and seniors, with the “Dogs for People” project of Vier-pfoten / Animal Society foundation.

He is an international team evaluator for Pet Partners© and author of „The role of Animal Assisted Therapy and Activities in optimizing pro-social skills”, published at University Publishing (Ro).

Victor Chitic

Lect. Univ. Dr.

Mihai Musteata
DVM, PhD, Assist. Prof., Department of Internal Medicine

Mihai graduated from the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine ~Ion Ionescu de la Brad~ Iasi in 2002. After completing a Master and a PhD in the field of canine epilepsy, he worked as a postdoctoral researcher in clinical neurology and as a neurologist at the FMV Iasi Neurology Service. He published several papers in the field of veterinary neurology in international peer reviewed journals and is a partner in some multicentric studies in the field of epilepsy and neuromuscular diseases in dogs. He completed several internships/externships in Italy – FMV Naples, Israel – Koret VTH, USA – Purdue University VTH and France – ENV Alfort and MicenVet Hospital.

Mihai is Lecturer in veterinary neurology and Head of Veterinary Neurology Service at FMV Iasi.

Mihai Musteata

DVM, PhD, Assist. Prof., Department of Internal Medicine

Vasile Vulpe
DVM, PhD, Professor, Head of Diagnostic Imaging Department

He has been a professor lecturer at The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Iasi since 2008. He got his PhD in 2002 and since 2012 has been the head of the Veterinary Doctoral School Iasi. He has developed the Radiology and Imaging department, which is the most advanced in Moldova, and the Cardiology department.

He is the founder member and president of the Romanian Diagnostic Imaging Association which is supporting the professional development in this field.

Dr. Vulpe has coordinated 35 scientific events related to pathology and diagnostic imaging. He is the author of 23 specialty books and 235 scientific papers.

Vasile Vulpe

DVM, PhD, Professor, Head of Diagnostic Imaging Department

Daniel Ivan
DVM, Resident ECVDI

Dan graduated from the University of Bucharest in 2011. He started working in general practice, and gradually focused on anaesthesia, surgery and diagnostic imaging, eventually taking a full time position with Radiologie 4Vet, Bucharest. In 2014, he joined the diagnostic imaging team of the Anicura Tierklinik Hollabrunn, Austria. Between 2016 and 2019, he has been a resident of the European College of Diagnostic Imaging at the University of Zürich, Switzerland and is preparing for college examination. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time outdoors, taking photos, fishing and traveling.

Daniel Ivan

DVM, Resident ECVDI

Registration fees

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congress fee

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Student congress fee

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As usual, on Saturday night we will organise RoVECCS Party, for which we are already famous. 
It’s our tradition to have a themed party, this year our choice being “sparkle party”. So we want to see you sparkle!
 Free entry for all participants!

Location: Doco Poco Restaurant - Palatului no.1 Street
Time: 20:00

Hiking Trip - 17-18.03.2020

It is already known that every year we are organising a hiking trip before every congress (at least to relax our minds and be able to gain as much information as possible during the talks). 
Our destination in 2020 is a 2 days trip to Hășmașului Mountains, sleeping at Red Lake (Lacul Roșu). We will have the opportunity to climb on 2 of the most beautiful routes of Via Ferrata (Wild Ferencz and Astragalus). We will also see Bicaz and Sugaului Gorges.

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Iași, Palatul Culturii, Sala Henri Coanda


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Our thoughts are with you, your family members, staff and friends dealing with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The RoVECCS Congress scheduled March 20th - 22nd 2020 at Palatul Culturii, Iasi Romania, has been cancelled due to the CoVID-19 pandemic.

The Iasi Health Department also released a certificate of restriction for this Congress- Certificate No. 7087/09.03.2020 in accordance to the Decision No 6 from March 3rd 2020 released by the Technical-Scientific Support Group regarding the management of severely contagious infectious diseases on Romanian theritory. This decision has been made to limit the spread of the Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2.

Once life returns back to normal, we will provide you with further information regarding the VIth RoVECCS Congress.

Stay safe! Stay healthy!